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A writer's life is forged by a kaleidoscope of experiences, and Marcella's (She/Her, Muscogee Freedmen/Black/European-American) is no exception – from gracing newsrooms and theater stages to wild encounters with raven bites and pelican lice. Prophetically voted 'Most Likely to Write a Bestselling Novel' in high school, she may not have conquered the bestseller lists yet, but she's made good on the rest with seven published novels under her belt so far, including her sizzling Closed Circuit romance duology, The Wildest Ride and The Rodeo Queen. Whether crafting captivating romances or developing uplifting stories for young readers, her narratives reflect her intimate understanding of intersectional identities, buried histories, and undertold tales. When not writing, you might find Marcella chasing after her children like a regency era butler, nerding out over anime and corvids, getting tattooed, exploring the outdoors with her beloved, eating, reading, or otherwise feeding her insatiable curiosity and a hunger for understanding the world through diverse lenses and experiences. Marcella earned a Master’s in Public Administration as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University and remains grateful to learn new things, each and every day.

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